Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.

Things are slowly starting to look more like spring here in Rochester.  It’s even supposed to be in the 50s (F) on Friday.  This is good because, at this point, there is a very thick layer of ice covering the sidewalks, making it extremely difficult and dangerous to walk anywhere.

So like many couples, Daniel and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going out for dinner.  We went to Magnolia’s (http://www.magnoliascafe.com/) on Park Ave, a great little cafe and deli with excellent soups and sandwiches.  I always get their delicious creamy tomato soup.  Although I have not yet tried them, I’ve heard their pizzas are also highly recommended.  I can’t wait for warmer weather, when all of the restaurants will open up onto the sidewalks and you can enjoy a meal in the fresh air.

I suppose I will keep this entry short tonight, since most of my day was spent either in class or at work.  I work in the Graduate Medical Education Office in the University of Rochester Medical Center.  It pays the bills.  However, I did send off my resume to the cytogenetics department.  They had posted a job online that sounded like it could be a good fit for me.  My only real drawback is that I lack experience.

Here are a couple of pictures from this past weekend, and one that I took tonight.


Celebrating Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

The above picture was taken at the “Hipster and Glitter Party” or, as it was later renamed “Abraham Lincoln’s Brithday Party”.  My friends Matt and Ryan are pictured, with hats that they had crafted themselves.  The original theme idea was for the men to dress like hipsters while the ladies dress like Ke$ha.  Since Daniel and I planned to see a screening of Casablanca later that night, we opted not to dress up for the party, although we love themed parties.  Maybe someday I will post the picture taken of me and Daniel before the “Housewives and Poolboys” party.  Since Daniel was in a pink speedo, I will leave that decision up to him.



My Latest Addiction

A (Blurry) View From My Window


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