The good old days (sort of).

We all like to reminisce about computer games from our childhood, and we’re probably the first generation that can actually do that.  While I never really played the classics (like Oregon Trail), I had some really interesting ones.

One of my favorites was called ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra.  Now, they had grades 3-6, at least, but I only had the 3rd Grade Adventures.  I have no idea how I obtained this game.  I doubt my parents bought it for me.  Perhaps it was a gift, or it had been previously owned by another family member.  I don’t know.  But, I know that I loved this game, and played it repeatedly, long after I had completed the 3rd grade.  My family didn’t even have a computer until I was in the 6th grade (’99-’00).  (In all honestly, my parents probably haven’t cleaned out their computer desk since then either, so it might even still be laying around.  Hmm…).  For some inexplicable reason, I think about this game really really often, and how much I played it as a kid.

For a synopsis of the game, I recommend looking at the Wikipedia article.  After reading that, I realized there were a number of details I did not remember.  One memory of the game that did stay with me dealt with the four flowers in Goo Lagoon.  These four flowers were meant to resemble The Beatles, with accents and all.  I remembered the main characters’ names, Joni and Santiago, and that they were trying to save some animals.  It’s true, before Diego there was Santiago.  I also remember that they were looking for a lost city, but I could neither recall the name, nor the ancient civilization to which it belonged.  It turned out to be the Numerians, of course.

What inspired me to write about this?  Daniel and I drove to Target (at 9:30pm), in Henrietta, so he could pick up a copy of Starcraft.  The first one.  So it made me nostalgic for some of my childhood computer games.  Also, I realized it has been many months since I last opened Plants vs. Zombies.  Although I have done everything there is to do in that game (twice), I just love it.  I love it so much that I dressed up like a Peashooter for Halloween (and, naturally, Daniel was a zombie).

What are some old computer games you’ve recently found yourself reminiscing about?

Random Photo of the Day:

Key Lime Pie on a Stick!!

I am also pretty nostalgic for warm weather.  This year, I don’t think winter is going to end in Rochester.  This picture was another one taken during Park Ave Fest 2010.  Was it really that sunny?  Daniel even looks like he might be sweating a little bit.  Could it have been…warm?  Probably not, Daniel is just always sweaty.


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