My ABC Story

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Game Night tonight at Park Ave Comics and Games.  I had a lot of homework for my various sign language classes.  Tomorrow I have to record myself signing an original ABC Story.  If you are unfamiliar with American Sign Language or the Deaf Community, you probably don’t know about ABC Stories.  ABC Stories are signed short stories using the ASL handshapes of the letters of the English alphabet.  The story must keep the letters in alphabetical order (although you can start with Z and go to A, or you can move from A to Z and then from Z back to A, et cetera).  Although I have taken many ASL classes and even an ASL Literature class, this is the first time I will actually be recorded signing an ABC Story and graded on its content and quality.

Here is a pretty typical ABC Story.

I’ve seen so many at this point that unless they are very creative, I get bored with them.  In class, I recently watched one called “The Break Dancer”.  I don’t have a link to a video, but it can be found on this DVD.  It was amazing, and hilarious, and not that cliche or typical.  So once in a while you can find a creative gem, but you usually have to wade through all of the awkward, stereotypical ABC Stories made up by students (like the one I will record tomorrow).

Fortunately, Daniel did make it to Game Night.  Once he came back, we headed out to the Distillery, since he had not yet had dinner.  If you go there after 9pm on Sunday – Thursday, they have a 1/2 price special on appetizers and boneless wings.  But my favorite thing, of course, is there buy-1-get-1 margaritas.  The way that it works is you can either buy two separate margaritas for the price of one, or you can purchase one double margarita.  One of my fondest memories of the Distillery took place during last year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.  It was the Duke University Blue Devils versus Butler (??).  We were pretty much the only two people rooting for Duke, because everybody kept talking about Hoosiers and how great it would be for Butler to win.  Yeah, right.  Needless to say, Duke won, we gorged ourself on wings, and I probably got a little tipsy on margaritas.  All around, it was a great night.

My Photo of the Day:


I randomly snapped this shot right before I headed into my ASL 200 class.  I was standing on the quad with Daniel, and then I looked up and just grabbed my camera.  It’s kind of a boring shot, actually, but I wanted a new photo because I’ve been really lazy with my “daily photos” lately.  Also, before today, the weather was unbelievably depressing and awful here.  Tomorrow it will go back to being depressing and awful, so I might not have a new picture, unless I see something really interesting.  I’m rambling.  Time for bed.


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  1. […] had to sign name stories.  So instead of using the ASL alphabet in sequential order (ABC Stories, which I have described before), we used the letters from our first and last names.  Because my name has three E’s and two […]

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