I Want Love

All day today I’ve been thinking about the Elton John song “I Want Love”.  I just woke up with it stuck in my head, which is pretty random, but it’s a great song.  The music video features Robert Downey, Jr. walking around an apartment in one continuous shot while he mouths the lyrics.  This was just as he was beginning to make his sober comeback.  I guess the song is relevant to what he was experiencing, or someone just thought he would be perfect for it.

Here is the video, from youtube:

This is also relevant to the WordPress Post-A-Day prompt: What gets better with age? Robert Downey, Jr. has certainly gotten better with age, if you catch my drift.  I think he is a great example of how an actor can make a successful comeback after drugs, arrests, etc., and become even better than before.  He should be a role model for other celebrities who are obviously still struggling with addiction but have the talent and skill to do well in the industry.

And, of course, my daily photo(s):


There was a whole line of these down the street.

To be honest, I don't know which chemical created them.

It looks like someone tried to tie-dye the road.


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