The Old Toad and The Oscars!

Last night, I met my friends Ryan, Jenab, and Matt at The Old Toad, an authentic English pub on Alexander St. here in Rochester.  They have the largest selection of beers that I have ever seen.  Jenab and I ended up getting a Southern Tier Crème Brûlée something or other.  The boys were boring, and instead of trying something new, they both got Guinness.  The Crème Brûlée beer was interesting.  It wasn’t really for me; I got it more out of curiosity than anything else.

We sat in a booth and drank our respective beverages while we played Scrabble.  Now, I’m just not really the type of person that likes to go out to clubs or to frat houses to get wasted.  However, my friends do typically like to do those types of things, and that’s fine (once in a while).  The Old Toad has more of the atmosphere that I prefer, a place that is good for having a conversation.  I could have done without the Scrabble, but Jenab and Ryan really wanted to play.  On a side note, I sent a text to my mother and sister, saying how “white” I felt, since I was sitting in a pub, drinking a pint of beer, and playing Scrabble with a guy who was wearing an argyle sweater (Ryan).

Daniel told me a long time ago that, after he turns 21, the first bar he wants to visit is The Old Toad.  While he has never been inside, I think he has made a great choice.  This is just the sort of place he would love, with a practically infinite list of ales, beer, et cetera.  Also, for the last two years, we have attended the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada, and when we go we always go to the The Olde English Parlour.  The Old Toad has a very similar feel, so I am excited to take him there when he turns 21.  It is also within walking distance of our apartment, so when the time comes, we can really celebrate.

But what’s the big news for tonight?  It’s Oscar Night!  I wish I could have made a Top 10 list for 2010 movies, but I can’t even make a Top 5 list.  Except for Toy Story 3Alice in Wonderland, and the short Pixar-animated Day & Night, I haven’t seen any of the nominees.  I was watching the Red Carpet and Academy Awards with Jenab at her dorm.  Daniel and I don’t have cable, and last night Jenab asked if I was going to watch.  I told her that I had not originally planned on it, but I wanted to see it.  So she invited me over, we had some pizza, and watched all the beautiful faces and glamorous dresses parade down the carpet.  It has been a very enjoyable weekend.

I took these photos two years ago, while exploring the abandoned subway underneath the city of Rochester, with the University of Rochester’s Urban Explorers club.

There was a lot of very cool graffiti down there.


Underneath Rochester.


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