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Last night, as I was trying to think of future topics, Daniel suggested that I blog about John Cooney’s website and games.  I thought this was a brilliant idea.  However, I was torn as to whether I should create my Top 10 List of  jmtb02 Studios’ Games, or if I should discuss each of my favorite games at length.  For right now, I think I will just give a general description of his site and the types of games he designs, and then create a Top 10 list later.

Daniel first introduced me to the jmtb02 website last year.  John Cooney is pretty prolific, and comes out a with a number of new games each year.  Most of them are pretty whimsical and very fun.  The animation appears fairly simple, but the games themselves require different skill levels.  I tend to use online and computer games as a form of procrastination, so when Daniel introduced me to the site, it was all kinds of bad news for my grades.  (A similar thing happened with Plants Vs. Zombies, which I acquired right before fall semester final exams.)  Most of the games are pretty quick, but when I first played some of them, an hour or two would elapse without me noticing.  (Again, this is problematic when I am supposed to be studying.)  Some of them can be played in under 5 minutes, while others required me searching online for cheats after a couple of hours of frustration.

All of the controls for his game are pretty simple.  Most of them just require the arrow keys.  The most complicated game I have come across on his site was Spectrum Genesis, which requires you to use the space bar and ASWD keys (like an arrow pad, but with your left hand).

Most people are very fond of his various Elephant games, so now merchandise has been designed with the little guy on it.  On the Armor Games site, you can find coffee mugs and t-shirts.

If you ever find yourself needing to kill some time and have a computer handy, John Cooney’s games are great for just that.  While I have beat or completed many of the games on there, I still go back and play because they’re fun and cute.  I dare you to not get addicted to games that include elephants, hedgehogs, giraffes and llamas.

Speaking of llamas…

Okay, so they're actually alpacas.

They reside across from my childhood home in the very small, very rural town of Unadilla.  I miss them.


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  1. Daniel March 1, 2011 at 3:53 pm Reply

    I like the new theme!

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