Spring break approaches.

Spring Break is just days away.  (Actually, as of this post, we depart from Rochester tomorrow!)  Daniel and I are driving to my house on Thursday night, and leaving for Durham, NC on Friday morning.  This break is much needed, both from schoolwork and the awful weather.

Story time.  It was the year 2009, and Daniel’s and my first spring break together.  We decided to drive down to Durham, of course.  It was the first time I was meeting his parents.  I was all nerves.  We got out a little later than expected.  This was entirely my fault.  I don’t remember what happened, but I probably had not packed the night before, or forgot something and made us turn around, et cetera.  Anyway, we started out late.  This was bad because Daniel had planned the trip very carefully, so that we would miss all of the traffic around the major cities.  When I delayed our departure, I ruined all of these plans.  We were meant to get on 390 south, which would take us to 15 through Pennsylvania, and eventually we would get on 95 and just head south in a very uneventful trip.  This is not at all what happened.  We hit terrible traffic in Maryland, and somehow ended up in Little Italy in downtown Baltimore.  Somewhere along the way, we had missed a connector to 95.  I got very upset, Daniel might have sworn at me for reading the map incorrectly.  I only remember pulling my sweatshirt hood over my head and trying to cry silently to myself in the passenger seat.   Traffic continued to be bad, as there is always traffic around Washington DC, and it didn’t get better until we were in Virginia, at which point we got off of 95 and onto a rural road (which was called Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway…yeah).

When we finally made it to Durham, it was probably after 11:00pm.  We had missed Shabbat dinner with his family, after his father had convinced his mom to buy Chilean sea bass for dinner.  I think we were trying to surprise his mom, and his dad was in on it.  When we got there, we were starving, and ended up eating cold (but delicious) expensive fish that his mom had bought with no knowledge that we were driving down that day.  It was a sad night, and I don’t know if Daniel ever totally forgave me for it.  I still feel pretty guilty about it.

The good news is that since then, we have shared many successful and enjoyable drives both to and from North Carolina.  I adore his family, and I always look forward to the visits now.  It is amazing to look back and think how our relationship might not have survived that first trip.  But, 2 years later, we are doing just fine.


Duke Gardens 2010

I found no pictures from Spring Break 2009.  But it happened.  And how.


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