ABC Name Stories and Spring Break.

This week in one of my ASL classes, we had to sign name stories.  So instead of using the ASL alphabet in sequential order (ABC Stories, which I have described before), we used the letters from our first and last names.  Because my name has three E’s and two R’s, this was no easy task, and even my teacher struggled to solve my dilemma.  I ended up cheating a little bit for one of the R’s, but he didn’t seem to mind since it made the story itself flow a bit better.  Perhaps I will share that story in the future, but tonight is not the right time.  I was hoping to have the ABC Story that I recorded last week posted on here tonight, but the internet is just being too slow, and I can’t seem to upload videos at the moment.

In other news, spring break has officially commenced.  So I am actually updating from my hometown tonight, and tomorrow I will be updating from Durham!  Until then…


This is my sister, Kelly

Kelly is my younger sister, and attends Hartwick College in Oneonta.  It is a very small school, but she seems to fit in well there.  I don’t know why she is making the face there, but I like it.  I always look forward to visiting with her when I am home.

I apologize for this post, since it is kind of schizophrenic and mostly pointless.  I had bigger and better plans, but they just didn’t work out tonight.  I will have more exciting things to discuss tomorrow.  But now, I must sleep, since I will be up around 6am tomorrow to depart Unadilla.


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