Finally in Durham.

After nearly 10 hours of driving, I’ve made it to Durham, NC.  Driving is always pretty unpleasant, especially for such a long period of time.  Admittedly, at times, I suffer from road rage.  But I recognize the fact that I am not a good driver; I also recognize the fact that absolutely no one else is either.  There was even a point in southern Virginia where I was passing an 18-wheeler and a black SUV came speeding up behind me.  They started flashing their turning signal at me, I guess trying to tell me to move over (even though I was doing 80 mph normally, and passing the truck as quickly as I could).  Nevermind the fact that there was a giant truck next to me.  I just don’t understand people, or how they drive.

It was a long trip, and I’m pretty tired, but I’m glad to be here.  It’s at least 20 degrees (F) warmer here than in Rochester.  My mother let me drive her new Honda, which was a pleasant surprise.  The problem is that after 10 intimate hours with it, I don’t want to give it up at the end of the week and go back to my crappy Saturn.

Daniel’s mother prepared a wonderful Shabbat meal for us.  It was surf and turf, my favorite.  This was extra amazing because I have been craving steak for week or so now.  And I’ve already declared my love for seafood.  She prepared cod, which is normally a pretty plain fish.  But she made it absolutely delicious, and Daniel and his father grilled some awesome steaks.  To top it all off, his mother made twice-baked potatoes, my favorite kind of baked potato.  I texted Kelly, saying, “This will be the most delicious night of my life.”  That was mostly true.

So after a very long day in the car, I am exhausted and have not gotten a chance to explore Durham yet.  I have a week here, though, and I plan to take so many pictures around the city.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.

On the Duke University Campus

The above was probably taken during some spring break, I just have no idea which one.  They were probably taken the same day as the other pictures I have posted on 3/2 and 3/3.  The guy on the right is Erik, Daniel’s sister’s boyfriend.  He’s just…around.


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