Spring Break Day 2

It was a rainy day in Durham, so we didn’t get out and do much today.

After dinner at Daniel’s favorite Chinese restaurant, Shanghai, I started to watch The Kids Are All Right, and to be honest I can’t figure out why is was nominated for Best Picture, other than the fact that there were lesbians in it and the Academy is trying to be progressive.  Or something.  I stopped a little more than halfway through to go watch Bob’s Burger’s with Daniel.  (This week’s episode was hilarious, and if you have not seen it you can catch it on Hulu later this week.)

Since the weather was bad and it was a little bit chilly tonight, Daniel and I decided to start a Pixar marathon.  Naturally, we started with Toy Story.  It is truly amazing to see how technology has developed in the last 16 years.  They have come a long way, both with the animation and the stories.  Although all of their movies have been gigantic hits in the box office, I think that Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3 have set the bar to a new height that won’t easily be surpassed.  At this point, I have seen all of the Pixar movies except for Ratatouille.  Luckily, Daniel and his parents own all of the Pixar movies, so we will have something to watch each night this week (and every day that the weather is bad).

I don’t recall watching Toy Story in theaters.  And after I had watched it, I didn’t remember liking it very much.  I realized that my distaste for it probably had something to do with the character of Sid, a child who would rather blow up toys and decapitate them than actually play with them.  I can appreciate the Toy Story movies more now than I could when Toy Story and Toy Story 2 first came out.  Maybe that is because Toy Story 3 was so amazing and so poignant.  Or maybe it is just because now I have a deeper appreciation for Pixar and their computer animation than I did when I was 7 years old.  Back then, I don’t think I understood that it was a big deal for a movie to be completely computer animated.  Also, I don’t think I really connected with any of the characters from the first movie.  Every child has toys like those of Andy’s, but I guess I lacked the imagination to see them that way, to see them alive.  Now, it is less about trying to connect that to my life as a child and more just appreciating the art of those movies and the story itself.

On a small side note, I have never actually seen Toy Story 2 in its entirety.  Now I can appreciate the technology and how far it has come, and I’m enthusiastic to watch it later this week.

I love all of the old, faded signs around Durham.

This was taken yesterday, when it was still very sunny and very warm.  Tomorrow should be much better than today.


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