Spring Break Day 4

This morning Daniel received a call from his mother saying that she was taking us to Cook Out for lunch.  Cook Out is a strictly North Carolina fast food chain.  Daniel kept warning me that it was delicious, but may induce a heart attack.  I assumed it was like any other fast food.  Immediately after hanging up on his mother, Daniel declared that we were going on a walk so that we could preemptively burn the calories we were going to consume for lunch.  After a good walk, we ended up ta Morgan Imports, which is similar to Park Ave’s Parkleigh in Rochester.  However, Morgan Imports sells more furniture and is bigger.  As soon as we arrived there I felt some…movement, and we had to rush home so we could both use the bathroom.  This had been the the goal of the walk, so it was a success.

When Daniel’s mother arrived, we all piled in the van (“we all” being Daniel, his sister, his mother and I) and drove to Cook Out.  Everyone recommended that I get a milkshake.  They explained that they have a ton of milkshake options.  This was true, but I decided to just get chocolate, despite the fact that they had such flavors as Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Banana, Mint Chocolate Chip, Snickers, etc.  Apparently there are 40 flavors in all.  Daniel then described to me the type of burger he was getting.  Now, these are not like burgers from Burger King or McDonald’s.  They don’t even try to operate under the pretense that the burger could have any healthy redeeming qualities about it.  No, there are no vegetables on these burgers (unless you count the sauteed onions).  It is just melted cheddar cheese (possibly some kind of cheese sauce), sauteed onions, bacon and a patty; not like the paper-thin patties you get at most fast-food joints, these were thick.  Daniel proceeded to point out that the cups and bags all had different Bible verses.  This is, after all, the South.  We arrived back at Daniel’s house and I pulled out this hot mess of a burger, took a bite, and then devoured it.  Between my burger, the side of cheese fries we all had decided to share, and the thickest milkshake I had ever had, it was all I could do just to breathe towards the end of the meal.  My chocolate milkshake more like a cup of ice cream than a beverage.  I tried to drink it out of the straw so I could at least pretend it was an actual drink, but it was so thick that a straw was just not doing the trick, and so I resorted to the complimentary spoon (because they understand that their milkshakes cannot be drunk).  It was certainly the best fast food burger I have had.  The South is definitely superior to the North with their fast food joints, especially between Cook Out and Chik-fil-a.

After that disgustingly unhealthy but delicious meal, Daniel and I decided to go for a bike ride.  As I mentioned yesterday, we had already pumped up the tires in preparation for a longer ride later in the week.  That ride happened today.  It was a perfect day for it, too.  We decided to ride along the American Tobacco Trail, which begins in the American Tobacco Historic District and ends near South Point.  Before we departed, we walked through American Tobacco (number 4 on my list of Top 10 Favorite Things to Do in Durham), and I snapped these shots:





Freaky Alligator


A Random Caboose

This is not a functional caboose.

I love this fountain.


It’s a very cool place and even my photos don’t do it justice.  We decided not to ride all the way to South Point, but did end up riding 8 miles altogether.  I really enjoy riding bikes and I wish I had one in Rochester so that Daniel and I could bike to campus occasionally (when it’s warm).

For dinner, we decided to go to Watt’s Grocery with some of Daniel’s family’s friends.  I decided to get the seafood stew, which was amazing.  Between tonight’s dinner and this afternoon’s lunch, I don’t think I will eat for a week.


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