Spring Break Day 5

Unfortunately, today was a bit cloudy and Daniel and I were exhausted from our bike ride yesterday.  We were woken early with the sounds of the dogs howling and barking at some men that were working on the roof.  This resulted in the two of us lounging around most of the day.  His sisters only had school in the morning, so we took his youngest sister to get some Chik-fil-a for lunch.  This makes it sound like all we or they eat are fast food, but this is the exception, not the rule.  Also, both Cook Out and Chik-fil-a are delicious fast food.  I must also note that I will be going on a diet after this week: one piece of lettuce per day.

Before we could go out on a walk this evening, it started to rain, so we opted to stay in and watch a movie.  We really needed a break from our Pixar marathon, since we watched Toy Story 3 last night and I just cried and was despondent for most of this morning.  We decided to watch I Am Legend since Daniel’s family has it on Blu-Ray.  The thing about I Am Legend is that the alternate (original) ending is much better than the theatrical version.  In the theatrical ending, he blows himself and his laboratory up in order to save two other survivors, and gives them the antidote (his blood) for the infected humans.  It makes absolutely no sense so I cannot fathom how that ending was more popular with audiences, but it was.  This ending lets you believe that these “Darkseekers” are the bad guys all along, that they are only out to kill and eat Robert Neville.  Despite the fact that during one scene they set a very elaborate trap to capture Robert, “they have no higher brain function”.  In the alternate (original) ending he escapes and survives with two other people who are also immune to the virus.  In both versions, this is after he has spent years capturing the Darkseekers and performing lab experiments on them, resulting only in their deaths.  The theatrical version fails to explain how they could set an elaborate trap to capture him (which they do at one point, but he escapes only after his dog saves his life).  The alternate ending shows that these “monsters” do have higher brain function, including the ability to articulate an elaborate plan to capture Robert, and the capability to love others.  This makes the most sense, since they used his own materials to set a trap for him; the theatrical ending shows this scene, but never explains how they could have done this.  The alternate ending concludes with Robert Neville giving back one of his “specimens” (a female Darkseeker) to a male, after this male has hunted Robert down out of love for this female.  Instead of just attacking and eating Robert, he allows Robert to bring his mate back to life and leaves peacefully with her return.  Robert realizes that, by capturing and killing these beings, he was the actual monster.  Clearly, there is a lot more to the story than what I have shared here, so if you have not seen the movie with its alternate ending, reserve your judgements.  The alternate ending is slightly closer to the ending of the novel on which the movie is based, which shares its name with this film.

Since I did not get the opportunity to go out and take pictures today, here is one that I had taken a few days ago.


The Historic Carolina Theatre



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