10 Things I’m Getting Excited About (Spring Edition)

Spring is coming…eventually.  Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to doing here in Rochester as soon as the weather allows for them.

10.  Taking a stroll around Lake Ontario.

Okay, not all the way around it, but we live less than 10 minutes away, and it’s the closest thing to the ocean we have in Rochester.  Although I would never go swimming in it and it’s not nearly as exciting or fun as the ocean, it is still a gigantic body of water that is practically sitting in our backyard, and there are lots of trails nearby that are great for walking.

9.  Bike riding through Genesee Valley Park.

This year Daniel and I are lacking bikes, but that won’t stop us from walking along the river.  I can’t wait to see all of the wildlife that comes out when it starts to get warm.

8.  Visiting High Falls on a warm day.

I’m sure that you’re noticing a theme.  As soon as it gets warm, the goal is to be outside as much as possible.  I believe this is true for all Rochesterians.  High Falls is a great place to visit because of its bizarre location, right in the middle of downtown Rochester.  I think it is one of those things that you definitely must seek out, because you will only find the falls after ducking down various side streets downtown.  They are not obvious until you are standing in front of them.  I love taking people there for the first time, because they are always surprised.

7.  Exploring the Public Market.

The Public Market is pretty famous around here.  It’s huge, and when the weather is warm it’s practically a weekly festival.  I’m looking forward to purchasing fresh, inexpensive, locally grown fruits and veggies.  But the Public Market has so much more than your typical farmer’s markets.  They have everything you could imagine, and house various vendors where you can grab a quick meal or a cup of coffee.

6.  Strolling around the Park Avenue neighborhood.

I have forgotten what the big, beautiful houses around here look like in the sunshine.  I’m so excited about taking nightly strolls with Daniel and enjoying the warmth (if it ever comes).  Eventually the restaurants will open up onto the sidewalks and we can walk past people dining and smell the delicious aromas of the various restaurants in the neighborhood.  This brings me to number 5.

5.  Eating a gyro on the patio at Sinbad’s on Park Ave.

This is one of Daniel’s and my favorite places to go for a date night.  The food is delicious, but inexpensive, and the service is always good.

4.  Having a few (too many) drinks and one last “Hurrah!” on Dandelion Day.

D. Day.  A true University of Rochester tradition.  I have so many fond memories of previous D. Days, and I’m sad that this will be my last.  So I have to make it count.

3.  Attending the Lilac Festival.

I have never been able to attend the Lilac Festival, but this year I am making it a priority, especially since my family will be in town for my graduation.  They boast over 1200 varieties of lilacs, as well as live performances, art, and food.

2.  Having a picnic in Mendon Ponds Park.

Daniel and I love to pack sandwiches and snacks and go for a hike in Mendon Ponds Park.  Although for a couple of years we had searched, last spring we finally found the Devil’s Bathtub.  It is actually a kettle hole, which, according to Wikipedia, is formed by retreating glaciers.  In addition to interesting landforms, they have a large variety of wildlife throughout the park.  (My least favorite are the snakes.)

1.  My college graduation.

It’s approaching really quickly which is both scary and exciting.  I will officially have my degree in molecular genetics.  All of my hard work will have finally paid off.  But, it will also mean that I will have to say goodbye to this place, to which I have become very attached in the past 5 years.  Also, I will certainly miss my friends.

Rush Rhees


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