Brazilian Dance Fighting

The consensus seems to be that Capoeira…is really silly.  Based on recent research things I have found both online and in television, it is just a completely unacceptable dance form.  Even the name is ridiculous.  I don’t want any part of this “dance fighting,” nor do I encourage it.  It does my heart well to see that the rest of the world seems to be calling Capoeira out for what it is, and what it is is ridiculous.

It’s not okay.  This bizarre series of movements was also recently featured on an episode of Bob’s Burgers in an episode called “Sexy Dance Fighting“.  Watch it on Hulu.

On a side note, Daniel and I made some fantastic chocolate chip cookies tonight.  This is the first time we have baked cookies in the apartment, and we are both distressed by this.


A Lenten Rose from Duke Gardens


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