Poker Night!

So this entry is coming at you particularly late because Daniel and I were at Matt’s and Jessica’s house playing poker.  We never play for money, which is what makes it especially enjoyable.  Usually we play for Blammoids.  What are Blammoids?


They are ridiculous, awkward action figures.

Although we have not purchased any of these, Daniel and I have 3 of them displayed in our apartment.  The Joker was won in a raffle, Batman was won in a different poker game, and the Green Lantern was a birthday gift to me.

Tonight, they had a “white elephant” poker night.  Each person was responsible for bringing a gift that cost $5 or less.  We tried to find something with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, but all we could find was Irish Spring bar soap and Lucky Charms (and we were not the only people that brought these two items either).   The idea is that everyone stops playing at a certain time, and the person with the most chips at the end chooses the last gift, or they can steal from anyone that opened a prior gift.  There were two tables tonight, and each time a person ran out of chips, they had to switch places with the person who had just won the previous hand at the other table.  But, the loser would have to “buy in”, meaning they would have some debt at the end of the game.

So who won?  I did!!  And by “won”, I mean I had the most chips at the stopping point.  I love playing poker, and I actually learned by watching the old show on Bravo called Celebrity Poker, so I am most familiar with Texas Hold ‘Em.  Of all the poker games I have played, I have lost only one, and that was because it was for a Sinestro Blammoid (super lame), and Daniel looked at me and said “I want you to lose, please don’t win, I don’t want this thing in our house”.  But when you’re playing for ridiculous gifts, that’s the best kind of poker.  Daniel and I ended up with a sparkly Leprechaun hat and a box of Lucky Charms.  It was actually our box of Lucky Charms that I stole from Jessica at the end.  She opened the real gem of the night, a tuna strainer.  So who was the real winner tonight?


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