The Old Toad, Dinner, and Graduation Stuff

Today was the Graduation Fair on campus, so I picked up my cap and gown.  It’s getting very real.  I’ve decided to try to make my own graduation announcements.  We will see how that goes.

While Daniel met up with his friend Kathy, I met up with Jenab to catch up.  We decided that we definitely wanted to do something together tonight, so we decided to go to Sinbad’s for some Mediterranean food for dinner, and then she and Ryan came back to our apartment (their first time visiting!) and we watched some Clone High and played Quiddler.  Ryan looks exactly like Abe Lincoln in Clone High.

Then they invited me out to The Old Toad for a drink.  Katie, Courtney and Hannah were there, along with one of Katie’s friends from Buffalo.  I wanted to get a pint of Boddington’s (since it is an authentic English pub), but they don’t have Boddington’s.  I was pretty surprised, but I went with my second choice, Killian’s, since it was on their “Guest Draught” list.  But I guess they ran out just before I got there.  So I ended up just chatting with the ladies and Ryan.

It was good to finally see everyone after Spring Break and catch up.



Not pictured: Ryan, Courtney or Hannah.


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