What I Stumble(d)Upon Today

I have always felt guilty about the way I cast aside my old iBook G4, my first laptop, for a newer aluminum unibody MacBook in 2009 (now the MacBook Pro).  There was nothing wrong with it, other than it just got slow.  Today I was lucky enough to StumbleUpon a blog that was all about Apple Products.  After some digging, I found this post all about restoring an old iBook G4.  Now I can’t wait to go home and try to start it up again.  It was a great computer, it just didn’t stand up to the new fancy computers Apple started to put out post-2006, which included things like iSight, etc.  But, I know that if I can get it working again, my mom would love to have it.

Old Faithful

Any tips for restoring it are welcome, but I’m hoping between that blog and some random forums around the ‘net, I should have enough information to do it.  I can’t really make it much worse than it is, right?


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2 thoughts on “What I Stumble(d)Upon Today

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