Simply Recipes

Whenever Daniel and I are trying to think of something new to make for dinner, we always visit Simply Recipes.  I have no idea how Daniel discovered the site, but it’s been very good to us.  I wish I could make a Top 10 list of dishes to try, but I feel that I’m not qualified since we have only made a small fraction of what is there.  I will emphasize that we have yet to try anything that we didn’t love.

The site is managed by Elise Bauer, with recipes that have been tested by her family or friends.  There is a lot of variety, both with respect to skill level and recipe type.  Most of the recipes are easy enough, but you can decide how complicated you want to make them.  Three of my favorite things about Simply Recipes are that it is well-managed, well-organized, and updated multiple times per week.  Based on the ingredients that are most commonly found in our apartment, Daniel and I typically only visit recipes with egg or chicken in them, but Daniel has also been known to make various homemade soups with the recipes he’s found there.  I’m partial to the mushroom quiche, which I have made numerous times, but if Daniel and I are feeling lazy and have bacon lying around (in the fridge), we always opt for the Quiche Lorraine instead.

Here’s a little anecdote:  I grew up despising quiche.  My mother made quiche once a year, for Christmas.  It was an imitation crabmeat quiche that was always very wet.  She claims that my brother always requests it; I have a hard time believing it.  Then, one day, I had a real quiche that was perfectly cooked and not made with imitation crabmeat (ew).  I didn’t have this quiche until I was 21 years old and visiting Daniel’s family.  I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of eating a quiche, but I had to be polite; it was the first time I was meeting my boyfriend’s family.  His mother made a Quiche Lorraine for dinner one evening and I had to do everything I could to hold back the excitement.  Finally, this was the delicious egg pie everyone spoke of!  Since then, I can hardly get enough quiche in my life.  On a side note, many of the dishes I grew up disliking were simply because they were not made well.  Consistently, Daniel has reintroduced me to some of my least favorite childhood dishes, and they have become my favorites.  Quality of ingredients is important, but it’s more important how you combine those ingredients.  Some things are just never good together, like imitation crabmeat and egg.

I think ice cream is on the menu tonight!



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