Good Food, Good Company

I think everybody knows my sister was visiting this weekend.  She and her boyfriend, Dillon, arrived last night around 8pm.  Daniel made a delicious meatloaf for dinner.  His is the only meatloaf I have ever craved.  He severely overestimated how much we would need and made two pounds worth of ground beef.  It was gigantic, but between the four of us, we were able to make it through half.  Leftovers are good.

This afternoon Daniel had a job interview, which sounds like it went well.  Then we went the George Eastman House again.  I think they enjoyed the museum.  Earlier tonight we played Setters of Catan and Apples to Apples, then Daniel and I made dinner.  I made a Quiche Lorraine and a mushroom quiche (both of which I had discussed recently in a post about Simply Recipes).

One of the major reasons Kelly decided to visit this weekend instead of last weekend was because we thought Abbott’s would be open.  Abbott’s is a frozen custard shop.  Kelly loves it.   And yes, the store was open today, but we didn’t walk over there until after 9pm, after eating a late dinner.  Unfortunately, they close at 9pm, so my sister will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon if she really wants some frozen custard before she leaves.

So, after that debacle we came back and played some Cranium.  We had played last night; a men vs. women game that Dillon and Daniel won, so tonight we decided to play Couples Cranium.  Daniel and I won.  Are you seeing a theme?  Daniel wins Cranium pretty often.

Dillon and Kelly.

He looks startled and she ducked out of the picture before I was finished taking it.  Here is something much more beautiful:

It was gray today...but this cheered me up.


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