High Falls and Abbott’s Frozen Custard (Finally!)

Today was Kelly’s last day in Rochester.  After a breakfast of leftover quiche, Daniel, Kelly, Dillon, and I went for a leisurely walk until Abbott’s opened.  It was so good to have frozen custard in my tummy again.  Yes, some Abbott’s locations remained open during the long, long winter.  However, it tasted that much better when I had not had any in six months.

Then, since the weather was so beautiful, we took a trip to High Falls.  I guess Kelly really loves High Falls and wanted to show Dillon.

High Falls


We also saw the iconic Kodak building.


The area around High Falls feels a lot like parts of Downtown Durham (except for the chilly weather).  Especially for the buildings overlooking the river, it is a very depressing area.  Everything is just empty, and it is obvious that there were businesses that may have been there recently, but failed and closed.  If Rochester ever sees a another boom, I hope the area overlooking High Falls experiences prosperity once again.

High Falls Historic District


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