Finally, The Weekend

Rochester is starting to warm up, even if it’s not sunny.  Daniel and I were able to walk to Dogtown for lunch this afternoon.  It’s delicious, filling, and inexpensive.  I’m sure as the weather gets warmer Daniel and I will be making more trips for weekend lunches, etc.

Before we went to Dogtown, Daniel had to go to a meeting on campus.  First, he made me trek to the post office with him.  He didn’t tell me that he had to pick up a package.  After he had said package, he turned to me and said “It’s for you”.   I was confused, but I love surprises.  I opened it up and it was Paper Mario 64.  Some people may recall that Daniel pulled a similar stunt with the game Glover.  I was ecstatic, and he really wanted to watch me play it/wanted to nap while I played.  I’ve had a crazy week, so it was a welcomed gift.  It really caught me by surprise, but it really made me happy.  He’s too good to me.

My sister has a copy of Paper Mario 64, but refuses to share it, even though she doesn’t have much time to play it anymore.  Knowing this, he bought me my own copy.  It’s a fun game, albeit not very difficult anymore.  I’ve played through it at least three times now, but I’m glad that he likes to watch me play it, and I hope he starts his own game because I know he would enjoy it.  The object of the game is to rescue the seven Star Spirits that Bowser has hidden around the Mushroom Kingdom.  As you rescue more spirits, they will give you new abilities and more strength.  Along the way, you pick up new sidekicks, including (but not limited to) a Bob-omb, a Boo and a Cheep-cheep.  Eventually, as in all Mario games, you will have to defeat Bowser and reclaim the Star Rod to save the princess and her kingdom, and restore power to the seven Star Spirits.

It’s a fun game that I am always happy to play through again.  I’m so happy Daniel bought it for me.


Thank you Daniel!


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One thought on “Finally, The Weekend

  1. […] Friday, Daniel got another package.  This one was not for me, but it was still pretty mysterious.  Daniel explained that he had ordered some comics from eBay, […]

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