Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Daniel and I took full advantage of the weather this afternoon and went for a short jog.  It was not worthy of the Worldwide WordPress 5k challenge, but this was only our second time out jogging since spring started.  I’m (slowly) working my way up to 5k.  Slowly.  I’m not a runner.  I’ve never had the mental stamina for it, but I have resolved to get in shape and get healthy, which I’m learning is a slow process.  Living healthy isn’t one of those things from which you can take a break and then go back to it later; it’s a goal that you are always working toward.  In the past year and a half I’ve lost around 40 pounds and two pant sizes.  I hadn’t realized how much weight I’d gained since starting college because I’m a tall girl and carry my weight mostly evenly throughout my body.  So it wasn’t like I suddenly gained hips or a butt or thunder thighs; those things were always there, they just got bigger.  It’s odd that Daniel started dating me when I was at my heaviest, because he has no recollection of me being any bigger than I am now.  But almost everyone else who has known me for that long has noticed the changes.  He just calls it “love-goggles”.

I hope as the weather continues to improve we will spend more and more time outside doing athletic things, instead of moping around inside, commiserating about our schoolwork, the weather, etc.

Daffodils will be popping open any day now, followed by tulips. Until then, I must settle for crocuses.


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