So tonight was Game Night at Park Avenue Comics and Games.  Now, originally I was not going to attend.  I was pretty tired when I came home this afternoon, and in fact ended up collapsing on the couch and sleeping for almost two hours.  But after eating some dinner, I felt a little better and followed Daniel to the comic store.

He’s been so excited about the game Heroscape.  He bought the game about two weeks ago and tries to get me to play it as often as he can.  Last week he also purchased some new figures, like Moltenclaw the dragon and Quasatch Hunters, which are weird little ape-like creatures.  Anyway, tonight he was so excited to take his new figures to the store to play a giant game of Heroscape with Matt and Mark.  We didn’t get very far; the store has a huge collection of Heroscape figures and board pieces and the game could have gone on for hours.  I was lucky enough to get first pick in drafting our armies, and I chose Marvel’s Silver Surfer.  Yes, there is a special Heroscape set with Marvel characters like Spider-Man, the Silver Surfer, Captain America, and many others.

The game consists of getting close enough to another player’s army figures to attack them.  You roll some dice to attack, they roll some dice to defend.  If all goes well for you, you will do lots of damage to their character, and they won’t be able to defend against it.  There are also campaigns or missions you can play.  But Daniel and I have found that it is most fun if you are just drafting armies and having a free-for-all.

What’s great about this game is that you can add dozens of different types of characters to your army and you can build a giant board with lots of customization capabilities.  For example, tonight we built a castle in the middle of the board, but we could have just built swamps or mountains, etc.

It’s a great game and I hope we play it again at the comic store soon.  It’s more fun with more people.


Don't worry: my "Most Embarrassing Songs" list is still on its way!


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