This Post Comes To You A Few Hours Late…

About that “Most Embarassing Songs” list: I’ve decided to let Daniel have a guest post, since he would know better than I what is most embarrassing in my iTunes.  It will be good to know how he perceives my taste.  Of course, I will be given the opportunity to defend myself, but for some of my songs, it’s probably pointless.  There is no justifying The Backstreet Boys’ “The Call”.

I’m a little late updating today because instead of writing a post last night, I discovered an unusual online game called Alchemy.  If you do a basic google search with the word “alchemy”, dozens of games show up.  Last night I was just on StumbleUpon and found this one.  Daniel and I sat next to each other on our respective computers trying figure out all 150 elements.  Currently, we only have 69/150, and played it for almost two hours.  These “elements” include Frankenstein, which is made by combining electricity and corpse.  It’s a strange game, and you only start out with the basic four elements: water, fire, earth, and air, and eventually work your way up to life forms like plants, trees, plankton, man, et cetera.  It’s a fun game but be warned, it’s a time suck.

I’m off to enjoy the weather!

Posing! With Messy Hair!


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