Lazy Sunday

It was a pretty quiet day here.  The weather was kind of bad (no surprise, it’s Rochester) so we didn’t leave the apartment.  We hardly got out of bed.  We woke up a little before noon and worked on homework for most of the day.  I’ve written 17 pages for my independent study paper, and I’m not quite finished yet.  I’m pretty pleased with the content so far, but I need to do some rearranging.  Daniel has been kind enough to give me some feedback.  I hope to post it here when it is all finished.

I also worked on a research project that I am presenting in my Sociolinguistics of the Deaf Community class on Tuesday.  I use the term “research project” loosely, since she essentially gave use one week to complete the assignment and everyone in the class is terribly confused about what we are actually supposed to present.  I think ours will end up covering historical variation and how American Sign Language has changed since the early 1900s.  My teacher actually sent us to RIT to watch videos, but (just like UR) you need an RIT ID card to watch them.  So that ended up being a pretty useless trip to RIT.  Also, that campus is huge!  It was not the fun adventure I was hoping for, but instead a fruitless search for ASL videos.

The First Rochester Tulips of 2011

Daniel and I have walked around the neighborhood numerous times in the past couple of weeks.  I can safely declare that these are the first tulips in the Park Avenue neighborhood in 2011.  Yay!  Never mind that it snowed this afternoon….


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