My Last Dandelion Day.

Yesterday I described a little bit about this year’s Dandelion Day.  Here, I will recount my experience attending D. Day.  Daniel decided not to attend the festivities this year.

I woke up around 10am.  Compared to most, this is very late for Dandelion Day.  Take my friends for example.  I met up with them just after 11am.  They had already started drinking around 9am, and in fact one of them had already vomited once.  So I was starting a bit late.  I arrived in their suite and opened my bottle of Chardonnay.  I had brought a glass to use, but Jenab quickly convinced me to just drink it out of the bottle, as she was doing with her pink “champagne”.  There were only five of us there at that time:  Me, Jenab, Ryan, Matt, and Lisa.  We were all sitting around watching Friends (which someone had on dvd).  Friends is not a funny show.  It only became mildly funny when I was 1/4 of the way finished with my bottle of wine.  That kind of show is just not my cup of tea.  But it was fine.  At one point, Lisa, Ryan, and Matt had all fallen asleep, and Jenab and I were left to make awkward glances at each other.  This was all well before 1pm.  After a bit more wine, a mimosa, and an unsuccessful search for other people to come hang with us, we finally headed over to campus to watch Super Mash Brothers.  DJ Alykhan was just finishing his set when a scrawny white guy walks out onto the stage.  Turns out only one of the Super Mash Brothers actually showed up to “perform”.  So this was even more pathetic than the video I showed yesterday.

The music was awful.  At one point he was playing a mash-up of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” and Fergie’s “London Bridge”.  Trust me when I say it wasn’t the alcohol that was making me feel sick.

After some wandering around, watching Lisa get an airbrushed tattoo, and a few trips to the bathroom, I went back to the Riverview suite with Jenab and Ryan.  They were planning on taking a nap, and I decided to just grab my bag and hit the road.

I got home just before 5pm.  Daniel and I decided to go to the comic store to play some games with Matt.  He was a bit surprised to see us, since he assumed we would be passed out on our backs from all of the drinking.  We ended up playing Settlers of Catan (Daniel won), Poker (I won), and Killer Bunnies (I won).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Dandelion Day.  I know I did.

Photo Credit: Chris Dwight

Above: Super Mash Brother.  I just don’t even understand why he would need an entire stage for this.


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