X-Men (90’s Animated TV Show)

A few months ago, Daniel and I purchased the first volume of X-Men: The Animated Series.  As far as comic characters go, I’ve always been drawn to the X-Men.  This attraction is even stronger now that I’m into molecular genetics.  I remember watching it as a kid, but the thing I remembered most was the awesome opening theme.

The series starts by introducing Jubilee (who, in all honesty, is one of the more lame X-Men in the comics); she has just discovered her mutant powers and struggles to control them.  It eventually introduces the more well-known characters of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Charles Xavier, and, my personal favorite, Storm.  It also has such well-known villains as Sabretooth, The Juggernaut, Sentinels, Pyro, and of course Magneto.

I hope to acquire the second volume in the near future, since it sounds like the later volumes also deal with some very interesting themes.  Some of it is heavy stuff that I don’t think I grasped as a 6-year-old, like Magneto’s backstory.  In the comics, it is very obvious that he is a Holocaust survivor angered by the murder of his family.  In the television show, this is somewhat glossed over, with the backstory being that his family was killed in some war after a group of men came in to take over his country.  In both the comics and the show, these mutant characters clearly represent how minorities have been and are treated in society.

On a small side note: Magneto’s backstory will be examined more fully in the coming months by Daniel, in his blog about Jews and Comic Books.  I know, he hasn’t updated in a while.  But, in his defense, he has been very busy with school stuff.  More updates will come!  He has not abandoned that blog!

Halloween 2009

I wanted so badly to be Storm for Halloween that year.  But I just didn’t have the time to make a real costume.  Thus, my attempt at being a half-moon cookie was all that I could muster.  Daniel does make an amazing Wolverine, though.


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2 thoughts on “X-Men (90’s Animated TV Show)

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  2. […] worst costume was the half-moon cookie attempt I made 2 years ago.  I wanted to be Storm of the X-Men, but I didn’t have the budget or the time to put together a great costume.  One day I will […]

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