Waiting in Line

This morning was a big event for the senior class.  Tickets for the Finger Lakes wine tour went on sale at 9am.  So when did I show up?

7am, of course.  It was me and 6 other idiots girls that wanted to be sure to get tickets as well.  For me, it was honestly less about getting there early to get a ticket and more about getting there early so I can get an earlier spot in line in order to get to work on time…since I was supposed to be at work at 9am (which, you will notice is the same time the tickets actually went on sale).

So for two hours, I waited.  Luckily, I had brought my computer, so I spent my two hours on StumbleUpon and Cracked.com.  I started to get nervous as it got closer to 8am, and none of my friends had arrived.  Meanwhile, the line continued to grow at an alarming rate, leaving me worried that none of my friends would get tickets.  Nothing would be more sad than going on a wine tour without any friends.  Some of the class representatives started to come around and cross names off of their list of seniors.  (Apparently, my name was on the list twice.)  They also gave us a small, red raffle ticket, and marked our hands with permanent marker.  This was obviously serious business.  No one was cutting the line, and only 250 tickets were available.

Finally, 9am rolled around.  The Common Market opened, and we all got a turn to drop our raffle tickets into a bag, hand the student employees our $25, and leave with our orange tickets.  But we couldn’t leave without signing up for a bus.  This was the next obstacle, and my next source of concern.  I needed to pick a bus that wouldn’t fill up before my friends got to the front of the line.  I chose bus #5.  I went around to their respective places in line or texted them, saying to get on bus #5, if they can.  Fortunately, they all got tickets…and we all ended up on the same bus.

My concern was for nothing, and now I’m very excited to bus out to wineries, drink some wine, and get a little tipsy with my friends.

This is my life at work. That's ribbon.


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