Almost May…and Finally Spring.

Today is the last day of classes.  Expect an update on that later.

Spring is finally here in Rochester.  We are only a month behind the rest of the world.  (And by “the world”, I mean almost everyone south of Rochester.)  Yes, I’m bitter and ready to move south.  Ready when you are, Daniel!

We’ve been getting some pretty awesome thunderstorms though.  The first one occurred about a week ago during the night, and I slept through it entirely.  But I heard reports that it was incredibly loud and bright.

Yesterday I got to my car just as it was starting to pour on campus.  So the entire drive home was stormy and dark, with lightning strikes not far away.  As soon as I arrived on Park Avenue, it almost immediately cleared up and became sunny.  So Daniel and I went for a walk.  I noticed that flowers and bushes are starting to bloom and trees finally have buds on them.  Warm weather is not far off, and in fact it reached upwards of 80 degrees (F) here today.  But I don’t want to sound too optimistic, because it then proceeded to storm.  But I finally took some photos of the blossoms.

A tree!

I also got one picture of the storm, taken from the porch of Park Ave Comics & Games.  Daniel and I ran a block so that we could avoid the downpour that hit 2 seconds after we stepped onto their porch.

A storm!


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