Back to the Future Parts I & II

I’m officially done.  Yesterday I turned in my last assignments.  I also picked up some of the protocols for my new job.  This change is happening so quickly!  But I’m excited.  Things seem to be going well.

Daniel and I have been watching the Back to the Future movies.  Yesterday we watched the first one, tonight we watched the second, and tomorrow we plan to watch the third.

The first one is brilliant.  It’s hilarious, the characters are great, and they go back in time to the 1950s, which was a really interesting time for someone coming from the 1980s.  My favorite character, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), is a crazy scientist who has turned a DeLorean into a time machine.  The problem is that he stole some plutonium from some “Libyan nationalists” and so they are obviously out to kill him for cheating them.  So while Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is trying to ensure that his parents meet in the 1950s and later marry (so that he and his siblings will be born), he must also try to save Doc Brown from being shot by terrorists.

The second film takes place in 2015 (where are our flying cars and hover boards?) and Marty and Doc Brown go to the future to try to save Marty’s kids from making some poor life choices and being imprisoned.  It should be noted that Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly’s daughter as well as his son.  Yes, it’s brief, but it’s there: Michael J. Fox dressed as a woman.

Ugh. The future is a bad place.

Once they save Marty’s future son from being imprisoned, they have to stop old man Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) from taking a sports almanac from 1955-2000, using the time machine to go back to 1955, and giving it to his younger self in order to make millions of dollars and take over Hill Valley (and marry Marty’s widowed mother, Lorraine, played by Lea Thompson).  So most of the movie is actually spent back in 1955 again, where they are chasing down young Biff with the almanac and trying to destroy it.

I should also mention that Flea makes a very, very brief appearance in the second film as well:


The second movie is more complicated than the first, with much more time travel, alternate universes, and the threat of creating a “space-time paradox” where the universe will be destroyed.

While the first one I have practically memorized, I was a little rusty on the details of the second one.  I think part of the problem is that while I’ve seen both movies multiple times, the second one is just so much more convoluted.  But I look forward to the third one, where they will go back to 1855 and experience the Old West…and meet their ancestors.

It's little blurry because it wouldn't stop moving. It was windy.


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