Back to the Future Part III

So in the last installment of the Back to the Future franchise (all directed by Steven Spielberg), we see Doc Brown is living happily in the Old West in 1885.  Marty, however, is still stuck in 1955 because Doc Brown was transported to the Old West when the time machine was struck by lightning just before they were meant to go back to 1985.  Marty receives a letter from the past via Western Union telling him that Doc Brown is happy and doesn’t want Marty to come back for him.  The problem, then, is that Marty has found Doc Brown’s grave; Doc Brown was shot just a few days after he sent the letter from 1885.  So after 1955 Doc Brown finds the time machine left in a cave by the 1985 Doc Brown who went back to 1885, he repairs the DeLorean and Marty can go back to 1885 to save Doc Brown’s life.

In the process, the DeLorean begins to leak fuel, so then Doc Brown and Marty are both stuck in 1885.  They must figure out a way to get the DeLorean up to 88 mph.  The only plausible way for them to do this is by having a train push it.  (And then, of course, the only next logical step is to turn a train into a time machine…which Doc Brown does; in fact, it is a flying time machine train.  Awesome.)

This movie is such a bizarre departure from the first that it can almost stand on its own.  But it still has all of the classic, hilarious characters.  And just for the record, Flea does make another brief appearance in this one.

Tree at Canterbury and Harvard.


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