Free Comic Book Day!

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day.  This event is held every year on the first Saturday in May.  This was the 10th Anniversary.  Comic book companies send comics to stores to help promote the local comic store and to try to reach a new audience of readers.  I’m unsure if stores have to purchase the comics or if the comic companies simply send them to stores that are participating in the event.

Daniel headed over to the Park Avenue Comics & Games around 10:30am wearing his Spider-Man costume, while I waited an hour and went over around 11:30am.  It was crazy!  I have never seen so many people in that store all at once.  They had a huge variety of free comics, ranging from the classics like The Amazing Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, and Green Lantern to Darkwing Duck, The Intrepid Escapegoat, and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Kate came wearing a Darth Vader costume, and brought a hula hoop for entertainment.  She let me try it out, and it was the first time I had ever successfully hula hooped.  I was very excited, to say the least.

Kate and the hula hoop.

Dennis was wearing his Steampunk outfit (hence the picture from yesterday’s post).

Dennis in his steampunk outfit wearing Kate's Darth Vader mask. Oh, and Daniel.

Adam showed up, and it was great to see him.  It’s been a couple of weeks (months?) since I’ve chatted with him, so it was nice to catch up a little bit, and it was even better that he made the trip out to the store from campus.

Matt didn’t arrive until much later because his son had his first T-ball game.  But he brought his trusty Robin costume.  We all remember that from last year’s Park Ave Fest.

Frequent customers Karen and Dan came out, and Karen brought her acoustic guitar to entertain the crowd with some awesome music.  Selections included Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”, and Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There”.  It was a fun time, and Dan played the Banana/Maraca.

Karen and Dan

There were lots of little kids that showed up in costume and they were all adorable.  I have never seen so many cute kids in my life.  I guess Free Comic Book Day is more of a “Dad” event, because most of the kids were there with their dads.

It was great that so many people came out, and the store did its best business yet, so congratulations are in order for Matt and Jessica for orchestrating such a successful day.  Also many thanks to Karen, Dan, Daniel, Patrick, Val, Dennis, Kate, and Mark, and the artists Alex Williamson and Sean Carner.


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  1. […] his girlfriend Val, who also works at the shop.  Dan and Karen (you may recall this couple from Free Comic Book Day) showed up a little after 10:30pm, and we dealt them in as they ate dinner.  Daniel, Matt, Sean, […]

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