The Lilac Festival

Every year in mid-May, Rochester holds its annual Lilac Festival in Highland Park.  It’s a pretty typical festival, but with lilacs.  This morning was kind of a crappy day to go because it kept drizzling.  We couldn’t stay very long because Daniel had to be to the comic store by noon to work.  But we wandered around and watched the parade for a few minutes.  I’m a big fan of the marching bands…because I used to be in a marching band.  But our marching band was pretty terrible (except for me, of course), so it’s much more enjoyable to watch other marching bands.

We are going to try to go back next weekend.  I think Daniel wants to go on Sunday.  I made the mistake of saying that the Joan Osborne Trio will be performing.  You may remember her hit song “One of Us”.

When I told him that Joan Osborne was coming, his response was something like “I’m sure it’s a different Joan Osborne”.  What he fails to understand is that she had one hit song 20 years ago.  So basically she’s the perfect type of performer for a festival like this.  Also, I looked it up; it’s the same Joan Osborne.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  Daniel is definitely excited to go see her.

Daniel at the Lilac Festival


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