Catan Dice Game

As a graduation gift, Matt decided to give me the Catan Dice Game.  Daniel and I had been eyeing it for a while, so this was a great gift.  We’ve played it 4 times now.  The box really comes with 2 games.  In one of the games, each person takes turn rolling dice and building roads, settlements, cities, and knights in a sequential order determined by the sheet provided.  Each successive settlement, knight, and city is worth more than the last, and you try to accrue as many points as possible.

The second game is more like a travel version of the original Settlers of Catan, where you are trying to win with 10 victory points; settlements are worth 1 victory point, cities are worth 2, and each player tries to obtain points for having the largest army and longest road.

Each person takes a turn.  A turn consists of rolling the 6 dice and trying to build as many things as possible with the resources you have rolled.  You get three rolls per turn, and if you get brick on the first turn, but no wood, you can set aside the brick in case you get wood so that you can build a road before your turn ends.  At most, you can use 6 resources per turn.  So even though you roll the dice 3 times, you make what you can with those three rolls.  But you can’t build a road on the first turn, and then roll again with those two dice.

It’s a fun travel-version of Catan, and an awesome graduation gift.

I love fish.


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