So yesterday I discovered movies.  I mean, I had already known about movies, but I discovered that some people like to post them on Youtube or that there are different websites from which you can stream movies.

The first thing I did this morning around 8am when I woke up was to open my computer and Google the 1999 movie called Floating, starring Norman Reedus and Chad Lowe.  (You may remember Chad Lowe as Rob Lowe’s younger brother and as the guy that was married to Hilary Swank for a time.)  I was able to watch the movie in full on Youtube, and the quality was not terrible.

We all know Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus from The Boondock Saints.  Here, he plays Van, a young man whose father lost his legs in a car accident, causing his mother to leave their family and take all of their money.  Van and his father are broke, and are forced to move from a beautiful, large lake house to smaller shack-like house across the lake.  Their old lake house has been on the market for quite some time.

Van can no longer afford to attend college, so he spends all of his time at home, taking care of his father.  Summer has just begun and people are starting to vacation around the lake, and his friends are returning from college.  However, they seemed to have moved on without him.

One day Van notices that his former home, the large lake house, has sold.  Soon after, he meets a boy named Doug (Chad Lowe), who is home from college for the summer.  Van finds out that it was Doug’s family that bought the house.

Doug and Van have one thing in common:  they are both competitive swimmers (although Van no longer competes).  Doug is on the swim team at college, and his father is the coach.  We learn later that his father is extremely hard on Doug, and he is never satisfied with anything that Doug does.

Van and Doug forge a bond, perhaps realizing that both of their respective fathers control their lives in different ways.  Van finds out that Doug is gay, but is fine with it.  They both decide that they are fed up with their fathers and their lives, and decide to run away and start over.  The problem is that they have no money.  Van offers up some of his father’s collectibles, but they must make it look like a robbery; these collectibles are valued at over $15,000.  After a confrontation with his father before the planned robbery, Van begins to feel guilty and decides that they will steal from a different house.

On the night of the robbery, everything goes wrong.  The alarm goes off in the house, and the police arrive promptly.  Van grabs Doug and they run to the lake.  They swim to a floating dock.  Now, I’m not sure if it was because he had been drinking, but Doug struggles.  They duck under the dock to hide from the police, but Doug ends up sinking, and Van can’t hold onto him.  That night, Doug drowns.

The next day, after Van is escorted home by the police, he is standing on the porch of his modest home with his father.  His father wheels himself out onto the porch with his son.  For the first time, Van’s father is there to emotionally support him (rather than vice versa) and hugs his son.

It was a pretty terrible movie.  I’m going to be honest:  I watched it because I knew there was a whole lot of Norman Reedus in it.  And how.  I would not recommend this to anyone unless they were a die-hard Norman Reedus or Chad Lowe fan.  Otherwise, the acting and the story are pretty weak.

They're floating.

Edit:  I just found that Norman Reedus starred in Lady Gaga’s latest video for “Judas”.  Yeah, I watched it.  NBD.  I’m not going to watch it obsessively or anything like that.  Whatever.  Pshaw.


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