Awkward Moments by Christine

My awkward moment of the day:

Today, Daniel requested one chore of me, and that was to go down to the Baker Street Bread Company and purchase some challah for Shabbat.  So finally a little after 2pm, I walked down there.  I walked in, spotted the challah, and got all excited to get some for dinner.  Then I noticed that I was approximately one quarter short.  So I walked back to the apartment.  This was not a big deal, because it was beautiful out.  Of course, this meant there were lots of people on Park Avenue, and they would all see me walking back and forth four times as I walked to the bakery, walked back to the apartment, walked to the bakery for a second time, and then walked back to the apartment again.  So after I retrieved my quarter, I walked back to the bakery.  I decided that after I bought the challah, I would just take a different route back so that I would look less like a crazy person.  Of course, it is already too late for that.

Not my most awkward moment, but still.  It happened.

The Baker Street Bread Company. I hope no one noticed my two visits this afternoon.


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