New Hire Orientation Day 2

I hate to say it, but I think yesterday was actually the fun day.  I showed up at 8am again, but we got started around 8:15am.  I had to watch 3 videos about HIPAA Privacy stuff.  Very boring, and not too relevant for me, since I’m not dealing with any confidential patient information.

I also had to wait around for an hour while everyone else took the Mandatory In-Service exam.  I’d already taken mine in February with the GME Office.  So it was a very boring morning.

The woman from Environmental Health & Safety came back today to give us a few more Medical Center-specific details, I guess.  We also had an entire presentation on parking.  They were very careful not to mention any costs or prices.

The worst part of the day was sitting through a 2 hour presentation on the new Patient and Family Centered Care, complete with poorly-acted videos filmed at Strong.  Yes, it seems like this should be intuitive, if you enter the healthCARE field, but they are actually making doctors and nurses sign a sheet saying that they care.  Also, ICARE is an acronym.  I find the whole thing upsetting and insulting.  But really?  2 hours?  That’s too long for that kind of presentation.

I’m glad it’s finally over.  Tomorrow I meet with my supervisor and hopefully get into the lab.

Daniel is very skeptical of doctors that have to sign a sheet saying that they care about patients and their families.


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