The past couple of days have been crazy, and this week has been incredibly long.  Unfortunately I still have one more day.  Since I haven’t really started any of the lab procedures for my new job yet, I’m lucky enough to sneak away and meet Daniel for lunch.  This has been really good, since the weather has been perfect.

Today was not a bad day.  I found the samples that I will be working with (yes, I had to search…labels exist for a reason!).  Everybody that I’ve met so far has been really kind and patient.  But, today was only my second day, so obviously I’m not annoying them enough just yet; I will work on this.

I can’t start any of the procedures until I order all of the solutions and reagents, etc.  It appears that none were left after the previous lab tech switched jobs.

I’m still pretty nervous, but I’m also still learning my way around.  At least I found the samples.  I mean, you would think that since they must be stored at -80 degrees C that there couldn’t possibly that many places for them to hide.  Also…-80 degrees C doesn’t even feel cold, it just hurts.  Now that I’ve started playing with my lab tools and making a list of all the things I still need, I’m starting to get excited.



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