Star Trek

Over the past week, Daniel and I have been watching the original Star Trek films.  I really wasn’t thrilled about this, but he insisted that I see them.

From what I’ve seen, certainly the best one is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  Let me count the reasons.

An alien probe is about to destroy Earth.  The problem is that humans cannot communicate with it; the probe is communicating in an extinct language.  Kirk and his crew determine what language it speaks:  whale.  As in, humpback whale.  You’re thinking, “But humpback whales aren’t extinct!”  Star Trek takes place in the future; by the 23rd century, whales had long become extinct.  The only solution to save Earth?  To go back in time and retrieve a humpback whale, bring it back to the future, and let it sing to the probe.  I am not making this up.  This is the actual plot to the movie.

The time travel scene actually freaked me out.  It was terrible 80’s computer graphics with just a dash of bad trip.  And no, I hadn’t had any hallucinogens prior to watching this film.

The reason this film is so superior to the three before it is because it actually has a sense of humor.  They go back to 1980’s San Francisco to bring two whales back to the future.  They were operating under no pretenses that this movie would be taken seriously.  It had all of the right kind of humor (people from the future who have NO IDEA how to live in 1980’s society) with a whole lot of William Shatner’s poor acting skills.  Hello, Priceline Negotiator.  And let’s not forget Starfleet Commander Pavel Chekov, a Russian, who is going back to the 1980’s…to look for nuclear power in order to power their ship so that they can get back to the 23rd century.  You can imagine some of the hilarity that may ensue from this set-up.

It was a very funny movie.  Shockingly, I recommend watching it.  It will give you a good laugh.

Sleepy Cow at the Lilac Festival.


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