Being a Responsible Adult Isn’t Hard

Daniel and I have been looking into credit cards.  We understand that it’s important to begin establishing good credit.  We also read John Cheese’s latest article on; the one where he discusses that having no credit is just as bad as having bad credit.  And trust me, when talks, we listen.  The problem is that it is never as easy as just buying small things and paying them off as you go along.  If everybody did this how would banks or credit card companies make their money?  So they will try to charge their customers with any and all fees they can think of.  But now, after new laws regarding the credit industry have been effected by Obama, credit companies have to be more and more creative with their fees.  It’s a pretty disgraceful system, and I see absolutely no way around it.

So for the past few days I’ve been searching for a decent credit card where I will at least feel like I won’t be getting screwed.  So far…nothing.  (I’m open to suggestions.  I’m also open to people saying “STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!”.  Really, anything.)

Another beautiful day spent outside.


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