Fairport Canal Days

Festival season has begun around Rochester.  In addition to attending the Greek Festival on Thursday, Daniel and I attended Fairport Canal Days this morning.  Fairport is, at most, 10 minutes away from our house by way of 490 East.  So it was a short drive.  We parked at a school (the same one we parked at 2 years ago, when we first attended the festival) and boarded a shuttle bus that would drop us off at the festival.  It turns out that the $2 they charged us for the shuttle is far too much, when on our shuttle ride back we realized that the festival was easily within walking distance of the school.

Once we got there, we began to wander around, looking at all of the bizarre pieces of art that you only ever see at festivals like this.  You know, like pieces of wood with clever little sayings carved into them.  I guess you are supposed to hang it in your house and everyone will either think that you are crafty or that you are crazy enough to spend money on something like that.  There are always an endless number of booths selling jewelry, some selling instruments, others selling rugs, chairs, etc.  But our favorite booths are the food booths.  After walking around and seeing what they had to offer, Daniel and I settled on a Blooming Onion.  It was delicious.  But we are becoming more aware as we age that fried foods do not settle as well as they used to.  So, while we went into the festival hungry and ready to chow down on Blooming Onions and fried dough, we both decided that the fried dough would have to wait until the Corn Hill Arts Festival, which is the next festival on our list.

That's his excited face.

While we sat eating our Blooming Onion, we had the privilege of listening to the Fairport High School Alumni Jazz Band.  I was actually very content to sit and listen to jazz while I ate a fried onion.

An interesting bunch.

We finished our food, Daniel bought us a water, and we walked around a bit more.  This year, we did not stick around to see the Duck Race.  As far as I can tell, any one can race a duck…but they are toys, like rubber duckies.  Think Ernie’s little pal that he sang to in the bathtub.  You can purchase a duck to race in the canal, and the proceeds do go to charity.  I personally think this a brilliant idea for a fundraiser, and they do give out prizes.

They might have been racing. But mostly I think she was trying to run away from him. This was right after he had jumped on top of her and proceeded to drown her/possibly mate with her.

It was a fun day, and the weather was phenomenal.  I can’t wait for our next festival adventure.

I’ll leave you with one more picture.  It’s one to really ponder and think about.

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared."

The crazy things you can find at festivals…


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