Rochester’s Public Market

This morning Daniel and I made the first trip of the year to the Public Market.  Last summer we went nearly every weekend, and it saved a bunch of money on fruits and veggies.  All of the vendors are local, and most of them are farmers that have grown what they are selling.  I personally love the market, but it can be overwhelming at times.

The first obstacle is traffic.  There are police officers directing traffic and pedestrians as you approach the intersection to the market.  There is usually a line of cars waiting to park, and Daniel and I usually get stuck parking in a grassy area that hardly passes as a legitimate parking lot.  It’s amazing there aren’t more fender benders or traffic accidents in the parking lots.

The next obstacle is getting into the market.  This isn’t so bad, because, as I said, there is an officer directing traffic, so it is easier for pedestrians to cross.  But once you get under the sheds with all of the vendors, it is no less overwhelming.  Daniel said that they can get tens of thousands of people there on any given Saturday.  It’s loud, it’s busy, and it’s alive.  The first thing we do is to make our way to end of the sheds and make note of which vendors have the best produce for the best prices.  Today we walked away with four or five beefsteak tomatoes, three cucumbers, a pound of strawberries, a bunch of green beans, and onions for $11.

The entrance to the Public Market.


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