Hey Arnold!

In continuing to re-live my childhood, Daniel and I have been watching Hey Arnold! episodes on Youtube.  (A small shout out to Daniel’s cousin Katie for posting the link!)  Along with the famous football head, there are all the classic characters (all with heads that are just as uniquely shaped) we know and love:  Gerald, Eugene, Helga, Sid, and the rest of the gang.

One of my favorite episodes is “Stoop Kid”.  After Arnold kicks the boys’ only football onto the stoop of Stoop Kid, Gerald tells the story of the boy who grew up on this particular stoop.  Stoop Kid is very protective of his stoop and harasses all who pass him by.  Arnold tries to get the football back, but Stoop Kid intimidates him too much.  Arnold observes Stoop Kid, waiting for the right moment to grab the football.  After Arnold realizes that Stoop Kid never leaves his stoop, Arnold grabs the football and runs.  Stoop Kid yells at him, but won’t step foot off of the stoop.  Arnold realizes that Stoop Kid is afraid to leave his stoop.  The whole neighborhood catches on, and Stoop Kid becomes miserable.  Arnold, true to his nature, feels bad for Stoop Kid and tries to help him make that first step off of his stoop.  Arnold convinces him that there is a whole world out there to see.  After Stoop Kid finally steps off of his stoop, he realizes that he does not want to leave his stoop, but now has the freedom to harass people both on and off his stoop.

I don’t know why this particular episodes sticks with me, but it is one that I have always remembered from my childhood.

What were some of your favorite Hey Arnold! episodes?

Stoop Kid is to his stoop as Daniel is to ______________?


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