Friday Arrives, Is Late

I am tired.  Today I came home from work, collapsed on the bed, and immediately fell asleep for 20-30 minutes.  After this power-nap, Daniel and I went for a walk.  I bought some wine, and we went back to the apartment to begin dinner.  I made Quiche Lorraine again.  We drank half the bottle of wine, then went to Abbott’s for dessert.  What’s great about the Park Avenue Abbot’s Custard shop is that they have these cards where, each time you make a purchase, they punch a hole in the card.  After 10 punches, you get a free cone, milkshake or flurrie.  The greatest thing about this system is that on Tuesdays, each purchase is worth 2 punches.  Despite having the requisite 10 punches tonight, I still felt like I was cheating the little old man who runs the shop out of $4.  We eat a lot of custard on Tuesdays.

Tomorrow night, Daniel and I are going to (once again) play poker at Matt’s and Jessica’s house.  I love the game, but I’ve been terrible lately.  I don’t blame myself so much as I blame my lack of decent cards.  But it’s still fun and I get to drink beer while I lose chips.  I’m happy either way.

On a small side note, you find all kinds of interesting things around the Park Avenue Neighborhood.  It’s not that uncommon to find a few dollars laying on the sidewalk.  But this…this is just ridiculous.

This was IN the sidewalk.

We also spotted at least one other bill in this condition, and various coins that were glued or cemented to the sidewalk.  Anybody want to share any theories?


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