Top 10 Favorite Things to Do on a Weekend (Summer Edition)

Summer is short here.  I don’t like to waste my free time on the weekends by not doing the things that I enjoy.  Below is a list of my favorite things to do during a summer weekend.

10.  Take numerous and long walks around Park Avenue.

Daniel and I still find cool things in the neighborhood that we didn’t know about before.  These walks give us an opportunity for further exploration.

9.  Napping on the couch with the window open.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than coming back to the apartment in the afternoon, laying down on the couch, and falling asleep to the sounds of the neighborhood and a cool breeze washing over my body.  I love naps, but I can only do it on the weekend, when I have free afternoons to waste on such things.

8.  Going for jogs.

I hate running and jogging.  But I’ve been forcing myself to do it lately, and the Park Avenue neighborhood is a great place to do it because there are so many runners out at any given time of the day during the summer.  This is both inspirational and encouraging.  I tend to do it more often on weekends simply because during the week I’m more tired from job and have less time after work.

7.  Wearing a dress.

I work in a lab, which means that for 5 days out of the week I prefer to wear long pants, sneakers and long- or short-sleeved t-shirts.  This is not only to keep me warm in the cold labs, but also to protect myself and the samples I’m working with.  During the weekends, I can throw on a cute summer-y dress and feel good about the way I look.  It’s trivial to some, but important to me.

6.  Going to the Public Market.

We’ve started going to the Public Market again.  This is the best way to buy fruits and veggies in the summer.  But you’d already know that if you read my blog post about it!  Shame on you!

5.  Going to festivals.

Daniel and I have already attended 2 festivals this year, but there are so many more to come.  I’m especially looking forward to the Corn Hill Arts Festival, which is taking place on July 9th and 10th this year, and Park Ave Fest, which is taking place on August 6th and 7th this year.

4.  Eating delicious grilled foods at a cookout.

Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers are the best.  What more can I say?

3.  Playing poker.

We spend a lot of Saturday nights going to Matt’s and Jessica’s house to play poker.  It’s especially worth it right now because I think they are on some kind of diet where they will only allow themselves dessert on the weekends.  So visiting their house on a Saturday is like going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  But with poker and beer.  Of course, playing poker is also something that can be done in the winter.

2.  Spending time with Daniel.

We just don’t see each other as much during the week, since we both work 40 hours a week.  We only have a few precious hours after work, so we like to find things to do together on the weekends and enjoy the nice weather.  Such as…

1.  Drinking a cold beer outside, in the sun, on a warm day.

Summer is the time to bring out the hefeweizens and pale ales.  And they go so well with the grilled burgers and dogs.  And you can’t play poker without some good beer.  Nor can Daniel and I possibly live in the Park Ave area and NOT get drunk during Park Ave Fest.  As for the other items on this list…jogging with beer?  I’ll try it and let you know…

Parkleigh, at the corner of Goodman and Park.


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