Saturday Night Poker

I must give a recap of last night’s poker game.  We didn’t get started until almost 10:30pm.  Dennis couldn’t make it because he had friends from out of town.  Patrick was there, with his girlfriend Peggy, but they left before we got started.  Sean was there with his girlfriend Val, who also works at the shop.  Dan and Karen (you may recall this couple from Free Comic Book Day) showed up a little after 10:30pm, and we dealt them in as they ate dinner.  Daniel, Matt, Sean, Karen, Dan and I all ended up playing.  Neither Dan nor Karen were too familiar with the game, but that didn’t stop Dan from taking a ridiculous lead early on.  My luck finally started to turn around when I got a full house, and I became the chip leader.  Unfortunately, I also ended up knocking Daniel out during this round.

Overall, I ended up coming in second.  To celebrate the one year anniversary of the store, they had selected a prize for each player, but you only got to choose the prize based on how many chips you had at the end of the game.  If you had the most chips, you chose last, but had the option of stealing a prize from someone else.  I ended up just behind the chip leader, so since there were 6 of us, I was the fifth to choose a prize.  Daniel and I walked away with an X-Men coffee mug and a Fantastic Four tumbler.  This was convenient, since Daniel and I both break a lot of cups.

It was a fun night, and I look forward to getting to know Karen and Dan better.

Dan and Karen. I've used this image before, but let me reiterate: he's playing a banana maraca.


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