Taco Tuesday!

Daniel and I went to Matt’s and Jessica’s house for Taco Tuesday.  It’s pretty much what it sounds like.  Daniel and I provided the Corona and limes.

We played a couple rounds of poker, which isn’t unusual.  However, I had the greatest hand of the night.  I was dealt pocket Jacks.  This would have been plenty good enough to win that hand, since nobody else had anything.  But then, on the flop, of all things, two more Jacks were laid down.  Yes, that’s the coveted Four-of-a-Kind.  It was awesome, but I couldn’t even bet big because everybody else just kept checking.  But still, everyone was impressed with it, and it almost never happens.  It’s certainly never happened to me.  That was a pretty exciting moment in my poker “career”.

I guess I'm pretty lucky in other areas of my life too.


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