GRE Prep

Yes, I’ve been planning on taking the GRE for a while.  But now it’s actually happening, on Friday morning.

I took a GRE practice test this evening, rather than going to Game Night.  This is kind of a bummer, but it was important that I actually get through a full test before going on Friday.

I took the Princeton Review’s GRE CAT practice test.  It simulates the real conditions of the GRE on the computer.  As you can imagine, this is very helpful.  I will not be going in on Friday having no idea how it actually looks.  I took it pretty quickly, to be honest.  I’m most uncomfortable with the essays, but that’s only because there is no way to receive feedback on them until you take the exam.

My verbal score ended up being 650.  This is pretty good actually.  My math score was only 550.  Why?  I made a lot of silly mistakes at the very beginning of the exam, and the way a Computer Adaptive Test works is that it adjusts your score after each question, and the level of difficulty of the next question is always determined on whether you got the previous question right or wrong.  Also, as you get further into the questions, they will count less and less towards the end, so it’s in my best interesting to get the questions correct at the beginning of each section.  It’s pretty unheard of to get a math score that much lower than a verbal score.

If nothing else, I’m much less anxious to go take the exam now.  Wish me luck!

Must remain calm.


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