The GRE, Marriage Equality, My New Niece, and Kidrobot.

Today proved to be a very good day for me.  I took the GRE and did pretty well.  All I will say is that I got the same score on both of the quantitative and verbal sections.  After stopping to pick up some booze for this weekend, I came home and started to clean the apartment in preparation for Daniel’s family’s visit.  I picked up Daniel from work, we came home and he made me an appletini in one of the fancy new glasses he bought specifically for that purpose.  It was so good.  He makes the best mixed drinks.

Then he made dinner, which consisted of marinated chicken, cheese risotto, and steamed zucchini.  This was definitely one of the best Shabbat meals we’ve had in a while.  After dinner, we went for a walk and Daniel bought The Juggernaut action figure.  This made him very happy for the rest of the evening.  We came back to the apartment and watched one of the best film noir movies I’ve ever seen.  It was 1944’s Murder, My Sweet and it had all of the classic film noir elements, but with a truly charismatic lead.

To top it all off, New York State has passed a gay marriage bill (finally!) and I have a new niece as of about 2 hours ago.  Unfortunately she is still unnamed; my brother and sister-in-law have been debating names for a very long time.  I’m pleased to report that everyone is healthy, and I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to our family.

Mmm, appletini.

One last thing before I leave you:

If you live in the Rochester area and collect Kidrobot or other blind box figures, Park Avenue Comics & Games is having a trading party tomorrow, June 25, from 4pm-6pm.  So if you have duplicates, come try to trade with other collectors for something you don’t have.  They just got in the new Dunny 2011 series earlier this week, so come get them while they are still in stock!  In addition, if you are curious about Kidrobot products or are thinking about starting your own collection, tomorrow is a great time to stop by since all Kidrobot products will be 20% off during the trading party.  If you’ve never been to the shop, they’re located at 713 Park Avenue, next to Chester Cab pizza and Living Color tattoo studio.  I look forward to seeing you there!


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