1/2 of Daniel’s Family Visits: Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling pretty rested and excited to go get a new muffler for my car.  Naturally, I made an appointment with a place that specializes in mufflers, but it was in Henrietta.  Daniel’s mother was kind enough to drive everyone to the aforementioned muffler place so I could drop off my car, and then she treated us to brunch at Jay’s Diner.  Daniel and I have never gone there for breakfast before, but it did not disappoint.  It was your average diner breakfast food, which is just what we wanted.

After a brief trip to Target to buy Daniel a set of clippers to keep his hair trimmed, I got the call that my car was ready.  After driving it home, I realized how much more quiet the ride had been; obviously the muffler was desperately needed at that point.

After a trip to campus to show his youngest sister our school, we drove to High Falls.  I never really get tired of making the trip to High Falls because it’s still such a bizarre sight to me.  Also, it’s only a few minutes drive from either our apartment or the campus, since it’s right in the middle of the city.  We saw some pretty neat wildlife, including a heron and some baby deer that appeared to be residing on the small bar of land directly under the Pont de Rennes walking bridge that faces the falls.  It was a good trip.

After I conquered all of them in 3 games of Pirate Fluxx, we went to dinner at Sinbad’s which is always a pleasure for me and Daniel.

I hope Daniel’s mother and sister can keep themselves entertained while we are at work tomorrow.  It’s been wonderful having them here, and I want them to enjoy themselves.

Once a millstone, now it's art. From the High Falls Historic District.


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